Build quality in Kalkan

Build quality of Kalkan property for sale including building codes, techniques and materials used.

Turkey lies on the North Anatolian fault line, and is therefore at risk of earthquakes. The current seismic building codes, established in 1999, and refined in 2007 are deemed to be robust in Turkey, and are in line with international practices. Our constructors work within these guidelines and for both villa and apartment construction, the entire building is founded on a one-piece concrete radial plate, with the main structure composed of reinforced concrete.

Because of Kalkan's topography, excavation is often required to create a flat plot on which to build, and where possible attractive natural features of the plot, such as small rock formations and Olive trees are retained and sometimes incorporated in the design. Internal walls are formed of brick, with a concrete screed and are typically plastered, with natural stone facing sometimes used to form a feature wall. Local stone is often used in the walls that form the property boundries and is very much part of Kalkan's character. Marble, Travertine, and granite are usually used for floor and wall tiling, as well as kitchen and bathroom surfaces. 

Roof systems are frequently of iron and concrete construction, and insulated for heat, and water incursion. Clay tiles are typical. Properties have central satellite and telephone/internet infrastructure offering outlets for both in several principal rooms. Windows and doors are double glazed and of timber or UPVC construction.

Internal plaster finishes and exterior paint are water resistant. Air-conditioning systems are standard in all the property we offer, with all the living space and  bedrooms fitted with air-conditioning units. Solar water heating and or electric water heaters are used for the provision of hot water. Balconies are formed as part of the concrete structure, with aluminium balustrades and glass often used in new construction, although metal designs are sometimes used, and painted either black or white.

Swimming pools are also standard in all the property we offer, and include the full filtration and pumping system, usually housed under the swimming pool terrace out of site.

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