Construction companies in Kalkan

Find out about the leading construction and property development companies in Kalkan

We have operated in Kalkan since 2006, and worked closely with constructors to bring the very best new villas and apartments to The Turquoise Collection's portfolio.

Many of our guests have gone on to become Kalkan property owners with our help, and guidance. We bring a unique perspective, formed by thousands of guest reviews that express preferences for location, finishes, architecture and amenities, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the Kalkan property market and the constructors that work within it. We are also property owners ourselves in Kalkan, having bought 7 properties since 2006.

We believe that we can best serve our clients by informing them, and freely passing on unbiased and accurate information to enable good buying decisions. Our website is a very useful resource for property buyers and because we know that the principal cause for concern among Kalkan property buyers is who they buy from, we profile in detail the leading constructors in the area.

We tell you what we would want to know ourselves, such as constructors track records, completed projects, building methods, materials used, guarantees, and information about the principal people involved in businesses.