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The Resital group, Kalkan

Find more about The Resital group and their construction projects

In 1987 the Resital group were established in Ankara, and are now are one of the areas largest constructors with projects in Kalkan, Kas, Bodrum and Fethiye. 

The business has 14 years experience working on government projects, and has completed a cooperative construction of 700 villas in South Turkey. The company turned it's attention to the construction of private residences in 2001, and now specialises in both bespoke design and construction to clients specifications and new projects primarily in Kalkan and Kas. The group have an impressive land bank offering clients some excellent options is terms of the location of their new property.

This is a second generation family managed business, and one of the largest operators in this part of the Turkish Mediterranean. Ask us about how their constuction and pricing compares with other comparable constructors, and which of thier villas and apartments we think are currently worthy of consideration.