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Capital Growth

Capital growth in your Kalkan property

Promises of capital grown by those involved in property sales are, at best, an educated guess and a savvy investor knows that there are many contributory factors, some of which are within the buyers control and some of which are not. 

The fundamentals for buying in Kalkan/Antalya are certainly compelling.

1. An excellent climate which brings visitors to Kalkan for 7 months a year, which appeals both to retirees/those wanting to relocate and investors.

2. A stable political democracy and low crime rate.

3. The Turkish government removed the reciprocity restrictions on its property market in 2012.

This means that the property market was effectively opened up to buyers from a further 89 countries, buyers that were previously banned because their governments did not allow Turkish citizens to buy in their respective countries. The Turkish government is committed to increasing the number of foreign buyers of Turkish property and, as well as removing reciprocity restrictions, have increased the length of visa's for property buyers, and established a large number of visa free agreements since 2012 boosting tourism. 

List of countries that can buy in Turkey;

Andorra Argentina Australia Austria
Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados
Belgium Belize Benin Bolivia
Bosnia-Herzegovina  Botswana Brazil Cameroon 
Canada Cape Verde Central African Republic  Chile
Colombia Costa Rica  Cote D'Ivoire  Croatia
Denmark Ecuador  El Salvador  England
Estonia Finland France  Gabon
Germany Ghana  Guinea  Grenada 
Guatemala Guyana  Haiti Honduras 
Hungary Ireland  Israel Italy 
Jamaica Japan  South Korea  Latvia 
Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malawi
Malaysia Mali  Malta  Mauritania
Maritius Mexico Monaco Mozambique
Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria
Norway Panama  Paraguay  Peru 
Philippines Poland Portugal  San Marino 
Senegal Singapore Somalia  South African Republic
Sri Lanka Spain  Swaziland  Sweden
Switzerland Tanzania The republic of Dominic Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus
USA Uruguay Venezuela  Yugoslavia


4. A cost of living that is approximately 40% less than it is in the United Kingdon

5. Property prices that are currently significantly less than in many other countries bordering the Mediterranean and in Europe.

6. Rapidly improving infrastructure

7. Turkey's economy has grown at an average annual real GDP growth rate of 5% between 2002 and 2012.  Furthermore, Turkey is expected to be the fastest growing economy of all OECD members during 2012-2017, with an annual average growth rate of 5.2%

8. In October 2013 the system of carrying out Military checks for property purchase was drastically sped up. The process, which previously would take a couple of months or longer can now be completed in one day. This has enabled buyers and the mortgage market to move much more quickly towards completion.

9. There is an established and growing Holiday Lettings market in Kalkan and Kas. Good occupancy performance and yields are valued by investors and impact property values.

10. Turkey has attracted 8.5 times more foreign inward investment over the last decade than it did in the previous 80 years.

Turkey now plays a significant role in the global economy and world trade, standing out as a promising emerging market alongside Brazil, Russia, India and China. This status is underpinned by its robust local market and young population.

11. Turkey has become a regional and a global power; it aims to become one of the top 10 economies in the world by 2023.

Capital growth in your property purchase

Influenced by the acquisition cost of course, location, architecture and finishes, land size and a whole host of other things, if Capital Growth is important to you, let us give you our realistic point of view about the property you are interested in, and the external factors that may influence future value.