Kalkan Old Town

Villas for sale in Kalkan's old town

The historic and very beautiful old town area of Kalkan is the most sought after location by holidaymakers due to the convenience of being within 3 or 4 minute's walk of the beach, harbour, and restaurants for which Kalkan is famous. Strict building codes ensure the areas historic preservation, and the many fine restaurants contribute to the special atmosphere that brings back visitors time and time again. The design and construction of old town properties reflects the historic stone buildings around them, with the use of timber windows, local stone and marble. 

Narrow cobbled streets that wind away from the harbour with bougainvillea covered wooden ottoman balconies and an eclectic mix of Greek and old Kalkan architecture are typical of the old town and make this a place you will want to discover and enjoy.  A place to enjoy spectacular views, with the atmosphere and amenities of Kalkan's old town right on your doorstep.

All of the properties for sale in Kalkan's old town are located at least 100 metres from any bars or restaurants, and therefore offer relative peace and quiet given their central location.

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