Council tax, income tax and tax liability...

Council tax

Property council tax ratio calculated by the local government 2013


Places outside the boundary of greater cities

Places within/near boundary of greater cities

Other buildings






Lands rural



Lands residential



Property taxes (Emlak Vergisi) are paid annually on the tax values of land and buildings at rates ranging from 0.1 to 0.3 percent

Tax on rental income 

Any income you receive in relation to letting your property for holiday rental is subject to Turkish taxation.

Income must be declared by March following the year you received rental income, to the tax office (beyanname) through an accountant.

The declaration form can be viewed here:

The calculation is relatively strait forward. You must declare your gross rental income in Turkish Lira, and details of your costs for the tax year in question.

There is a fixed personal allowance, which for income earned in 2012 (declared by 15th March 2013) was 3000 Turkish Lira. If your property is in joint names, then you can both claim this allowance to offset your tax liability.

Your accountant will let you know what your tax payment is, and submit in on your behalf.  The charge for completing this process is around 500 Turkish Lira.

You can calculate your tax liability here: from this page, click on 'GMS calculator'.

Your permitted expenses, such as maintenance and utility costs can be used to offset your gross income, or you can use the standard rate of 25% of gross income as your costs.

The United Kindom government require you to disclose income from all your assets wordwide, but any tax paid in Turkey, can be used to reduce your tax liability under the taxation agreement between Turkey and the United Kingdom. The Turkish government require you to pay tax in Turkey if that is where your home is located.

The Turkish tax system is covered here in detail:

Accountants in Kalkan

1. Accountant: Ali Tunc Mali Musavir 

Location: Old Belediye Building, Kalkan old town.

Phone: +90 242 844 3997

Fax: +90 242 844 2882 2009

2. Accountant: Bayram Irbec

Location: Opposite Tedas Office

Phone: +90 242 844 1457 2009

3. Financial Advisor and Accountant Birgul Karagul

Location: Opposite Nur Hotel on Şehitler Cad.

Phone: +90 242 844 3535

Fax: +90 242 844 3555

4. Accountant: Huseyin Yanar 

Phone: +90 242 844 2384

Fax: +90 242 844 2065

5. Accountant: Muhasebeci Ali 

Phone: +90 242 844 3266

6. Accountant: Sadakat Yilmaz 

Phone: +90 242 844 3382