Electricity, water, and gas suppliers


In 1970 the Turkish government took control of the electricity sector to ensure operational integrity. 'TEK' was established as the name for the organisation that was responsible for the generation and distribution of electricity. In 1993 TEK was restructured to become TEAS, production and TEDAS for distribution.

Tedas are therefore the company in Kalkan that deal with electricity supply, and their website has information on taffifs, payment options, how to register to establish an electricity supply and office locations.


Phone: +90 242 844 3102 2009 


The Kalkan Belediyesi (council) are the water provider for the Kalkan area. Their website gives details of tarrifs and how to register to establish a water supply.

Telephone: +90 242 844 31 31

Fax: +90 242 844 30 36

Email: info@kalkan-bld.gov.tr


There is no mains gas supply in Kalkan, however the use of calor gas bottles used for gas cooking hobs is widespread.

Supplier details;

Gül Sokak (the side road where Iş Bank is)

Phone: +90 242 844 2524


Digiturk is the biggest provider of satellite television services in Turkey and offer a range of options including packaged internet services similar to what is offered in the United Kingdom. There is quite a lot of content in English, and in High Definition.

Other operators include D-Smart (Doğan Group) and the cable TV service Türksat who are the national operator.

Packages start at around £20 a month, and increase dependent on content.


Internet connections are made either by Türk Telekom or by private companies using Turk Telekom's communication lines. There are other companies offering internet services, but if you have a problem, TTNET, as provider of the infrastructure are often who you will need to call.

Other internet providers:




Costs are dependent on speed and usage, but expect to pay around £15-£30 a month.